Yogi Adityanath : UP CM Visits Martyr’s Family AC, Sofa Come And Go With Him


Yogi Adityanath :

Yogi Adityanath : UP CM Visits Martyr's Family AC, Sofa Come And Go With Him
Yogi Adityanath : UP CM Visits Martyr’s Family AC, Sofa Come And Go With Him

Sri Sagr and soldiers to Paramjit Singh LC line of communication  . They loved the line, which was a member of the three-member group . May 2 in the morning and their bodies were found damage. After his death, the town offered to take decisive Location request, and the emergence of anger against the government.

Yogi Adityanath

BSF head constable has previously been detected near the body of control in Jammu and Kashmir this month. After 24 hours, the family in a small village in Deoria stopped at her funeral. Everyone wanted to have an audience with the Minister Chief. Adityanath that connect to the phone.

Prior to a visit at the end of the week . In the murder of a continuous supply arrangement went – the city with his wife and four children to go part time four shared.

This month – family – Ocean at the beginning of Pakistani soldiers in the system, known as one of the favorite route Adityanath Sunday “shocking ‘between the two soldiers. The main short journey, Uttar Pradesh managers, garment, towel and dead to the sofa at home, insisted that the air conditioner. All this had forsaken temporarily insane.

“Before the trip, local authorities have an air conditioner, a set of sofa, even if there is configured carpet in the room where the meeting with the minister of the commander of the place,” Son, God said: “Love, the others go after him,” officials came all the members of the movement were discovered
Cupcakes Daya BSF, was “insulting” for its work with Shankar and local authorities have to wait a day or two, there can be faith.

About Sri Sagr RS. The salary is 40,000. Chief Minister announced to extend financial support to the family. He was a member of the family of the word.