Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal : When will finally find justice ?


Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal

In a small one-bedroom, 27 km from Delhi alone, a single mother turned down. The group-raped and killed his daughter and had snapped the building blocks to ensure that his face could not be recognized from him since the day he could walk.

Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal
Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal

Not only that – the attack, was found to try to eat the remains of the body of his dogs on Thursday, when he ran with his car before you leave the field. These parents are the kind of facts fee. Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal

A few days ago, who says he was tracking four people being confirmed by the Supreme Court, the mother left her without her bowel, the death penalty a young student gang raped and sexually bus in Delhi. He had no idea his daughter to be the same spent refuses.

“If you have been punished in Nirbhaya matter, we thought, at least this will not prevent people in our area. Those who speak about the decision, but unfortunately, even today, women are not reliable and are not afraid,” he said.

Rohtak Nirbhaya scandal

Police arrested two men raping her murder. The victim’s mother in The charges against them are investigated six others, said police Superintendent Ashwin Shenvi.

A young woman was taken from the men – at least one drug they knew – they car near her home in Sonipat, where he raped Rohtak, a nearby town. “He did not complain when her skull with brick sheets,” he said. “They were brutal way worse.”

His mother had registered a complaint about one month ago in one of the poorest and to pressure him into his permission, but there was disagreement between the two groups.
For two consecutive years, purijeni gang-rape of all the places where most reported cases of rape – 204 in 2015 and 230 years ago.

Jagjeet Singh, police said showed Sonipat silent during the spokesman, the victim lit’ifi- mortem report of drug or vicious attacks. “The main, Sumit lies, and he (the victim) were in a relationship, but he did not want to marry him, and he lost. He actually wanted to,” he said.

The father of the deceased, a daily wage laborer, was among the 10 tests have passed, but no money; Because she could not continue to read, “he told NDTV today. He earns approximately 4000, when he began working as a Packer, a pharmaceutical company rupees. I am proud that my son was a month of the money home.”


Women rights activists and politicians street protests against Yemen’s Nirbhaya, New Delhi in 2012, the young student killer features rape victim requested, over and justice.