Kapil Mishra ‘expose’ LIVE: Arvind Kejriwal took 2 crore rupees from Satyendra Jain, says AAP’s sacked minister


AAM Party Aadmi dismissed Minister Kapil Mishra Water . Kapil Mishra has argued that a major conspiracy behind his resignation . Saying he will reveal the big names of the alleged water racket at 11:30 am on Sunday  . The leader of the AAP Kapil Mishra meets with the governor of Delhi Leuitenant Anil Baijal . Where he will lead the Rajghat, the site of his supposed theme.

Arvind Kejriwal

Kapil Mishra ‘expose’ LIVE: Arvind Kejriwal took 2 crore rupees from Satyendra Jain, says AAP’s sacked minister :

“Wait at 11.30 am . let you know, Rajghat . I am a founding member of the AAP . Always stick to the party, said Sunday” Mishra.

In a sudden move . Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday got rid of his water and tourism and culture portfolios Mishra . Mishra claimed that the order was publicly without informing him in advance. Minutes later, the minister rejected the claims that he handed over the documents related to the alleged scam was handed over to the main minister arvind Kejriwal, another report.

Twitter, which can reveal names of some large water tanks to the alleged scam.

However, the AAP says that it was Mishra’s incompetence that lead to the decision.

“As we have found that water is not a good time for local elections and several axes of action also addressed the same issue in its bases, so that, Kapil Mishra removed from his post,” he said.

Mishra was cabinet minister in Kejriwal since February 2015 . When the AAP government came to power . AAP leader Kumar Vishwas who supports the recent split within the party.

Mishra has stated that as far as he could say that the decision to dismiss was taken unilaterally with the head of government.

Kejriwal transfer reorganization of his mind when he retweeted a tweet from one of his followers.

Arvind Kejriwal :

“A great break from the Delhi government, Kapil Mishra outside the Kejriwal cabinet. Kailash Gehlot and Rajendra Gautam will be the new ministers,” journalist Vikrant Yadav – said joining. Kejriwal was retweeted immediately afterwards, giving clear indications that changes were underway in his ministerial team.

Mishra, however, wondered if his resignation was related to the exposure to the tank swindle, which he planned to perform on Sunday. He also said that he had told the head of government that he was not going to delay a cistern swindle report and will present the names of those involved in the delay of the Anti-Corruption Office.

Mishra also made a mockery of Kejriwal and his colleagues, like Satyendar Jain, saying that he was not in favor of one of his relatives or his daughter.

“I only said, without corruption. CBI investigation against me was not in favor of any subsidiary or any relative, I exposed the corruption (dixit) of Shiela» Mishra said to join.

Jain, who holds the health portfolio, was accused of nepotism charges Soumya appointment of his daughter and Nikunj Jain Agarwal Kejriwal a relative of the woman in public office.

Mishra also denied speculation that he could join elsewhere. “It’s (NMC), my party and I’m going to go nowhere, and stay here (AAP),” Mishra – said another combination.