France election : Voting begins in major election that could shakeup Europe



Voters in France election broke into the ballot box to elect a new president on Sunday . In an unusually intense and important choice that will put Europe back into balance .

As an independent business and Emmanuel Macron wing populist Marine Le Pen, who will become the country’s next leader.

France election: Voting begins in major election that could shake up Europe

France election: Voting begins in major election that could shakeup Europe

The survey showed mainland France at 8 pm local time . 50,000 members of the security forces under control . Which kept potential extremist attacks . It is expect that the agency forecast for the inquiry and preliminary .

Official results can be achieved as soon as the final station will be closed at 8 pm . The respondents believe that Macron has the advantage of a day.

The vote will help assess the impact of populism after winning last year’s . Referendum on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU and the United States .

Presidential campaign of Donald Trump . In France, it is a test of whether voters are willing to ignore the fragmentary story of Le Pen.

Le Pen, the party extended the call, identifying and feeding anger and fears associated with immigration and globalization of Islamic extremism .

Macron argues that France should revise its labor legislation in order to better compete on a global level, and called for unity and tolerance, which Le Pen called naive.France election

France Election:

Any candidate to lead France Uncharted territory, since neither one nor the other is not included in the main parties that dominate the parliament and ruled the country for decades. The winner will have to make major changes in the next month to try to create a parliamentary majority in the elections. Voting began overseas territories on Saturday Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et- near Newfoundland archipelago French Guiana and the French West Indies and beyond. French nationals were also droves to vote in the province of Quebec, Canada.

After the French elections commission on Saturday said that “a significant amount of data,” and some of the false information leaked to social networks after hack attack on Macron, fear of foreign intervention depends on the race.

The leaked documents are largely secular and the perpetrators remain unknown. It is not clear whether the document is to go to a cemetery survey that Macron has spent more than Le Pen, is included in the vote.

France Election:

The Commission urged the French media, and citizens do not pass the leak of documents. French electoral laws prohibit any weekend of the campaign and the media are considered as swaying elections. Le Pen’s campaign could not respond due to dimming.

Macron team asked the commission to oversee elections . A leading cyber security agency ANSSI France to study cracking, – said the official to AP:

ANSSI can only be called in to investigate .  Cyber attacks that “widespread and complex” and breaking Macron, seems to fit the bill, he said.

Leaked documents have been widely circulated on Friday . To the extreme right sites located in the United States. The researchers analyzed the data . They said that they found a pair of names of the cemetery.

The fate of the European Union hung in the balance, as 47 million French voters decide whether to risk his presidency Le Pen . Who wants to throw a block and the single currency, or play safe with Makkronom Europeans, who want to strengthen the EU.

World financial markets are watching closely and French neighbors. .  Freksit would be more harmful than leaving England .  France is the second largest economy that uses the euro . The country is also a central pillar of the EU and its mission is to preserve the postwar world through trade and open borders.

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