DTC buses as a new priority Delhi Government focuses from broad mile to broad reach


DTC buses as a new priority Delhi Government focuses from broad mile to broad reach

DTC buses as a new priority Delhi Government focuses from broad mile
DTC buses as a new priority Delhi Government focuses from broad mile

The Government of Delhi, staring at the bus on the verge of collapse, the focus has decided to facilitate the operations of the DTC.

Sources marathon meetings with Monday said that since the Minister of Transport, Delhi Kailash Gahlot said that this increasing the fleet of buses in the city and asked transportation officials to start work tenders for the purchase of new buses.

Said Gahlot, Satiendar successful Jain as the new Minister of Transport, May 19 / May, will soon announce the measures taken to improve the transport system in the city. “Buses are first and have already held meetings three DTC, Dimits and the Department of Transport. Will be announced in the next three days, in all matters.”

The aim of this move to revive the problem faced by aging bus fleet of DTC. Although it should be 5 500 buses, the company only about 3,780. This will in the next five years the number of buses until 4093, when I was a low-floor bus’re almost 10.

Trends Gahlot and is gaining importance as all previous atlanyiweko Minister Satiendar Jane went to the integrated multi-model transport system in Delhi (Dimits) Limited. Experts have made to wonder whether it is possible to have only one years. Previously, Jane returned at least 11 proposal to buy new buses DTC and instead push the introduction of small and micro buses meet the people in a particular area.
Contact the countryside Delhi

The minister drew officials plan to improve bus connections to rural areas and outer Delhi.

Gahlot want the buses to operate at a frequency at least 30 minutes in rural areas. The first meet him was held on Monday and the Department of Transport DTC and Dimits are required to submit a plan of action as soon as possible.

Asked Gahlot officials to draw a plan of where you may be able to increase the frequency bus for 20-30 minutes. In addition, the increase in public complaints transport system is a project to be carried out this year.

Man Mullah Najafgarh, Gahlot, bad transportation service said the main complaint of the people in his constituency. “There is an urgent need to improve public transport and a link to the last. At this time, the connection is incomplete to alienate these regions from the rest of the city,” he said Hut’s earlier.

Residents in areas such as Rell and Najafgarh and Bejwasan and Kabashara had a bad walk and from other parts of the city where the number of buses and very few last mile connectivity is not enough. The scope and frequency of a few buses ply in these areas from 45 minutes to more than one hour.


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There are more than 43 warehouses in Delhi when to stop ships a total of 57.00. Buses One official said, “should be the final report on the situation in the factories from now.”

And they will have Ministry of Transport is now set deadlines for the construction of 11 new warehouse. The projects have been suffering for more than five years are still fetched.