Bitcoins : Despite RBI caution, 2.5k Indians investing in Bitcoins daily


 Bitcoins : Despite RBI caution, 2.5k Indians investing in Bitcoins daily :

Bitcoins Zebpay, application, load five times the population exchange, and soon Android operating system absed every day falling more than 2,500 will be added to users.

The world financial revolution is a new application on the cusp of application demands, co-founder and chief operating officer of the company to open a non-traditional investment measures customer Sandeep Goenka and September 2017 and downloaded more than 1 million by download.

 Bitcoins :

Bitcoins : Despite RBI caution, 2.5k Indians investing  daily

It also highlights, they are told that “the eyes of Bitcoin mounting of the most popular items.”

The company began operations in 2015 to make Wikipedia easier for businesses and ongoing experience for the audience.


The financial details of the company about $ 1 million in January last year.

“Often virtual coins risk to the user, owner, investor or trader warned anyone,” RBI website in February of this year.

“It is the aim of the conference called natural, but this is the other part. The legal situation is like the enemy of peace so estimated. Finally, the activities of the law prohibiting VCS report.” Gandhi said

Deputy Governor R Gandhi said on March 2 this year, “I can have a virtual currency, a central bank or monetary authority to solve these types, you can see. I believe in power”.

RBI, and financial clients, potential legal safety concerns being flagged repeatedly as a real safety concern expressed Bitcoins virtual coins.