AAP Sanjay Singh : Better than being a traitor, we will die of poison


Between the whims of you, Sanjay Singh .  The senior leader of your party, canceled the charge in Kapil Mishra and asked him .  To tell about the time when he should Arvind Kejrival . Sanjay said that it was not good to make such statements the reasons for the minister’s post . He explained that on the day when we would recommend a traitor .  I would like to die poison and die.

AAP Sanjay Singh : Better than being a traitor, we will die of poisonAccording to him, during the reception of the BDPA back, Manoj Tiwari informed the election commission that the adoption of the “AAR” should be canceled, that Hindustan is your father? He said that there is no power in the BJP to bring a case against Vijay Mally. On Tuesday, Sanjay Singh said that when Arvind Kejrival takes a bribe, Kapil Misr was invited by sending an invitation.

Will keep the issue of tampering with the VMS firm: Rai
Gopal Rai, Conlever Deli unit of your apparatus, said at a press conference that the MLA Saerab Bhardwaj did a demonstration in a special session of Vidhan Sabha and showed how VMS can be forged. He said that the party will start the Democracy Save campaign from May 11, he said that the party wants VVPAT to vote through and after the election, 25 percent of the votes of VVPAT and VMS will be accounted for suddenly.

The ban on virtual machines in many countries: Somnat
Meanwhile, former Minister of Law Somnath Bharti stated that virtual machines are only used in our country and in South Africa in the world. Many other countries have banned VMS. Everyone has the right to vote in democracy, and we want to prevent the abuse of the Constitution.